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Reliable conditions for Car Rental Naniko at Baku airport

Hire a vehicle in the online mode, through and get the best service at the Baku airport. All you need to do is compare our low rates on rental and services and select a vehicle from our fleet best meets your needs or adventure travel.

Car rental in Baku - Baku, Azerbaijan capital is placed on the Apsheron Peninsula and looks at the Caspian Sea. The town has a historic center, declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, a hammam - a Turkish bath, amusement parks, shopping centers, tea houses and beaches. In short, here visitors will spend a day full of fun and joy.

And to increase the feeling of comfort and pleasure, move from one place to another on car hired from Naniko at Baku airport.

From the Airport to the triangular Baku

Baku is separated into three different zones, completely different from each other: the ancient city, Soviet and modern one. The most important sights of Icheri Sheher are the ancient city, the medieval Palace of Shirvan Shahs and Giz Qalasi, or Maiden's Tower.

Meanwhile, as new areas do not differ a great feature of the Soviet era will allow you to discover something new about the Soviet Union. Without any problems, you can go to these areas by car.

Travelling by car. Road network in Azerbaijan has about 25,000 km in length. It is suggested to hire a car in the capital city or airport on arrival, where you will find car hire company Naniko. Tourists must have an international driving license.

Aliyev International Airport of Baku is one of five serving Azerbaijani airspace, situated close to the east of the city, at a distance of 25 kilometers. Airport complies with international standards and the passengers while waiting for the flight did not have time for boredom, because their services are provided by plenty of Duty Free shops in the departure zone and arrival.

The airport serves flights in addition to standard and a lot of transit between the West and the East, due to its excellent geographical location.

Rent a car Naniko at Baku airport will help you to enjoy a taste of the exotic beauty of the Caucasus.

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