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Are you in search of car of economy class or luxury style? Naniko has the right solution for you. Choose your desired models with company fleet in Armenia and discover how easy it can be to provide yourself with comfort of free movement. Car rental in Armenia – you will have a time to see more!

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  • Armenia, a country of rock screaming.

Armenia is in the heart of the Caucasus, covers an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers and has borders with countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey.

Armenia often referred to as a European country, due to the historical and cultural aspects. The country has no access to the sea and has a predominantly mountainous territories as a result of raising the earth's crust 25 million years ago that preceded the creation of the Armenian plateau and the mountain chain of the Minor Caucasus.

Armenia is rich with extinct volcanoes and is regarded as an area of high tectonic activity and seismic risk. There is also an abundance of fresh water due to the presence of rivers and lakes.

Lake Sevan contains only 33.2 km ³.

Sevan is the most famous point for tourism and recreation at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.

Highest mountain Aragats has 4,095 meters, and Ararat is a symbol of Armenia and associated with the story of Noah's Ark today is in Turkish territory.

Armenia has the numerous different microclimatic zones, but the dominant, though, is continental.

Armenia, the cradle of Christianity, with its boundless sky and friendly people is the ideal place for pilgrimage. Journey through the land gives a feeling of physical and psychological unity and satisfaction.

Armenia is a country of fascinating landscapes provides you with its open spaces, for a fast ride on rent a car from the company Naniko.

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