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Genoa - car rental - from Naniko – the most tempting offers from the company

No reason why one would refuse or vary the decision to rent a car during the trip for business or leisure.
Company Naniko will provide you with everything you need from your vehicle in a charming and splendid city of Genoa.

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To protect your trip to Genoa, Naniko gives Casco insurance system, the cost of which has already been included in the auto renting price provided.

  • Road Assistance

Car rental in Genoa - Prices include service and support, as well as the replacement of the vehicle in case of damage, no additional cost of difference. Replacement is performed for several hours (exact details specified in the contract) depending on the distance.

Genoa by Car

Proud Genoa, as described by Petrarch, is the beautiful capital of solar Liguria.
You can continue to walk along its center of charming alleys, narrow streets lined with tall buildings, and this walk will never tire you. Every wall, every house, building and alley, every villa, park, or fortress are preserve the charm of the ancient maritime Republic of Genoa.

The most important trading port and dock of antiquity, Genoa was founded in the sixth century BC and was an ally of the Ligurians Romans.
The city has experienced its heyday in the middle Ages as a maritime Republic. After the victory over Pisa (1284), which has dominion over the sea, there was a period of great economic expansion and domination on the Tyrrhenian Sea, mainly due to trade with the East, and Africa.
Struggle and rivalry with Venice, was forced Genoa to form an alliance with France, and in 1499 came under its control.
Only in 1529 thanks to Admiral Andrea Doria, Genoa regained its independence, which has kept up to the Napoleonic period.

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From Genoa, situated almost in the center of Liguria, you can reach the nearby cities of the Riviera di Ponente and the Riviera di Levante, Portofino, Rapallo and San Remo.

  • On a slightly greater distance, you can reach the magnificent Cinque Terre. For sailing enthusiasts in October - the boat show, the most important exhibition of boats that unites enthusiasts from around the world.

Genoa, with its artistic beauties stored inside the manorial estates, palaces and countless museums awaits your visit with rental cars Naniko.

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