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Low cost car hire in Turkey – Auto Rental Naniko

Naniko offers vehicle rental for tourism or business purposes in most European countries.
The aim of our active work is in helping our customers to easily adapt to unfamiliar surroundings while traveling through by convenient means of transportation.

By ordering our services through Rent a Car in Turkey, in addition to saving you time and money, you get two supplementary advantages:

  • In today's world, where in some business clients are treated simply as numbers, our approach to each client is personal, and he became a member of our big family united.
  • We are the connecting bridge between the country of your trip and you and always ready to come to your aid and provide any information you need.


Turkey - at the crossroads of two worlds.

Land of wonders and fascinating crossroads of cultures and traditions, Turkey is rich in art and history that gave rise to great civilizations.

  • What you need to know to drive the car in Turkey

Speed ​​limits, as well as in other countries, vary depending on the terrain. So, in urban roads - 50km / h, on the highway - 90, and on motorways -120 km / h. Main thoroughfare as Erdine extending up to Ankara, almost never loaded traffic and very convenient for traveling on a rented car.
A little bit different with driving in big cities like Istanbul. Ride within the city walls, it may be quite difficult, since the traffic is very chaotic; much better to avoid the center, and when viewed for the main attractions to park the car in the adjacent area.

  • Istanbul

Start exploring the beauty of the city, with magnificent architecture of Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Exciting area of ​​the Golden Horn, with its beautiful scenery or area Tunnels, small galleries, as the name implies, in the old days was the line of the underground compound, crossed by numerous tram lines, and today is filled with cafes and antiques.

  • Izmir

Here you can make an exotic shopping in the bazaar and visit the wonderful city castle and multiple bars along the sea coast.
Izmir is located in the extreme point on the Anatolia, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, the most important port constantly filled with cruise ships that make it the cornerstone of their travel routes.

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