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Car rental in Russia at low prices from the company Naniko

Thanks to two - lane road, it is easy to reach to the main centers of Russia. Rent a car in Russia from Naniko may be the perfect solution to bypass the surroundings of the capital, or to achieve the big cities such as St. Petersburg (distance 630km, with the M10 motorway). In almost 1,400 miles is a very popular resort of Sochi.

Car rental in Russia – it is possible to take the car from anywhere you want!

The pre-booking system of car hire Naniko will allow you to instantly process your order and get the comfort of car for travel in Russia.

  • Select the brand, size and technical characteristics of vehicle

  • Determine the date and place of residence to receive and return cars

  • Provide in the online mode, a copy of your passport and a valid driver's license

  • Enjoy an incredibly low rate of car renting with included VAT and insurance

  • And start your way, to explore the broad expanses of Russia!

Russia - to grasp the immensity

  • Arkhangelsk The biggest city in the area of the White Sea, Arkhangelsk opened for tourism only in 1990. Before the establishing of Petersburg was the only port of Russia. Here are to see the white stones of Russia and wooden architecture.

  • Famous ownerships Located near the city of Tula, 160 kilometers from Moskowl, Yasnaya Polyana, has its historical significance due to the evidence of being a possession of the famous Leo Tolstoy. And here he was buried. And his house is surrounded by an attractive park, today - a museum, open for tourists.

  • Tver, another 160 kilometers from Moscow, built on the Upper Volga, the place where Catherine II built a palace to stay while traveling between two capitals. Named traveling palace, the building was constructed between 1763 and 1775.

  • The Golden Ring Golden Ring of Russia is represented by several cities of significant historical, architectural and religious importance, very comfortable to drive by car in the direction of the north-east of Moscow. There is a richest collection of small towns, monasteries, cathedral and castles, which can be visited in daily tour with car hired from Naniko in Russia.

  • Baikal And, of course, the world's deepest lake Baikal is one of the incredible places available in the country. It takes three months to get around 2,000 kilometers of shoreline of Lake Baikal. On its shores you can see a variety of wild birds, freshwater seal colony and even bears.

  • Siberia Covering an area of over 12.800.000 square kilometers, Siberia includes unimaginable expanses of forests, thousands of lakes, 53,000 rivers and innumerable natural reservoirs. Even if the temperature in the winter is pretty tough, the summer can be too hot. Tourism in this area is less developed than in other regions. The famous Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest in the world and one of that incredible adventure travel.

Maximum visiting places with maximum comfort on the car hiring from Naniko in Russia!

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