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Unforgettable trip with Naniko - Car Rental in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia with a small part of the river Ural in the west. This is one of the main land of the world do not have access to the sea. The country that gave the start to the first step of mankind to the space from the now updated Baikonur.
Car rental in Kazakhstan will offer a low cost and convenience services to your new discoveries of magnificent country on your own routes.
Thanks to the cooperation with the best car manufacturers, we are able to offer vehicles from economical small car and to luxury; any segment. And all of this at affordable prices, with rates included insurance and VAT.
To provide a convenience move ahead just stay on our site and use a simple system of online booking.
Everything is easy and simple:

  • Select the desired car
  • Select the dates of your stay in Kazakhstan
  • Determine the point of receipt and return of car
  • Confirm your pre-booking
  • Get a confirmation with the details of your order from our operator
  • Enjoy optimally organized travel!

Kazakhstan - Step into the Future

Kazakhstan has a very dynamic musical culture. And, accordingly to cold and harsh winters, a very popular activity here is visiting the sauna. Kazakhstan - a country that deserves a visit that gives recognition for real change in our time, the emergence of new structures and the need for peace and dialogue between nations. All this told by super modern monuments and innovative architecture of cities, especially in the capital city of Astana.
This is an excellent tourist destination for the opening of something really new and bright.
 To complete the brightness and perfection of your voyage, do not forget to equip yourself with the help of rent a car from Naniko in Kazakhstan!

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